A DIY shed on the Skate-park

The République Sans Tout Ça and Brusk's friends have been invited to build a DIY shed on the Ursulines Skate-park for the annual party of the Ursulines. A team from Brussels will meet different people invited from BRUSK to do together an accumulation of shapes that could represent the inside head of a skater or something else...



Skate facilities on the shed project ?

Manual-bank-pad/wembley-gap-to-banana-jump/wallie :

Note :  The green tranny is actually a fake one, made of grass, only usable as a comfortable mattress.
Good size, rad radius, perfect for a solid rock'n'roll... The connection to the flat is re-forced by a steal plate avoiding the hang-up... but nop, no way to skate it ! The shit is smooth, and unreachable.
Some urban architects draw their projects with the idea of a extra second use of the future construction (as by skateboarding, or whatever). Here, we "architects" are on the same way for the shed installation : we just give awful desires to skateboarders with this transition shape, but not the possibilities to use it.
A bit schizophrenic...

Wally-pyramid-fun-box :

And you maybe thought we gonna build something conventional, huh ?!
This module is designed for the wallie moves (ollie out of a wall) : wallie flips, wallie manuals, grinds, slides, grabs, bails.
The 20 cm height flat rail is a special wink to our friend Aldof-Concrete-Rudolf - the all mighty master of prefab skateparks.

Anyway the main idea in those sketches is how to integrate / connect the skate-part to the rest of the installation. If we're doing a skate-part... and if this one is skateable, or not !
I suggest here to link it to the shed instead to fix it to each other. So both structures are independent in their stability. And if the skate-part is a bit out of the shed area, we won't have to care of the "public safety" around the shed (yep, pedestrians, family are also invited to the party).
We're thinking about building some seats around the shed.  In order to elevate the levels of the structure, we could use euro pallet - the perfect object to link the skate-part ! Indeed skateboarders are used to build temporary modules with euro pallets...

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