A DIY shed on the Skate-park

The République Sans Tout Ça and Brusk's friends have been invited to build a DIY shed on the Ursulines Skate-park for the annual party of the Ursulines. A team from Brussels will meet different people invited from BRUSK to do together an accumulation of shapes that could represent the inside head of a skater or something else...



Démontage J+1 ...

Le jour de la fête, au petit matin ...

Le montage J-1 ...
(24H de travail non-stop)



Wheelz of fortune...
Wood, grass, steel, whool, carpets, cardboard, everything is good for making a shed !

Ursules'head T-shirt

Le t-shirt du projet qui sera sérigraphié durant la fête.


Hello all we took a night to do some sketches for the t-shirt.
Soon we'll have to find one that we want to silkscreen.
If you want to participate to this, send us your sketches at santoussiens at gmail dot com.


For a part of the roof

Maybe we'll use a tarp for a part of the shed roof.
It could be a way to let the tree outside of the structure and also to collect the water from rain, even if it'll be a beautiful sunny weather all the time.